–          How do I install AINOMAM?

Click on download on our website and choose the correct AINOMAM for your device depending on your operating system.

–          How do I block content I do not want to see?

Just by clicking on the logo to the right side of your screen, you will be able to configure your filters you want to see or not. Depending if you are on the free trial or AINOMAN PRO. UPGRADE UPGRADE!!!!!

–          Can I disable AINOMAM when I want to?

Yes, you can! Just by clicking on the AINOMAM logo to the right side you will be able to see the disable and enable button. We highly recommend you have AINOMAM on for the best experience on the internet.

–          Will AINOMAM, slow down my computer or phone?

No, it will not! AINOMAM will make your device much faster. Imagine all the things we are blocking for you. It makes your device faster.

–          Do I have to pay for AINOMAM?

You have two options! The free trial will only block content from mothers and pregnant women. AINOMAM PRO will block everything you do not want to see. Just by clicking on the program you will be able to configure all the content you want to see and do not want to see.

–          Will my personal information be safe with AINOMAM?

Your personal information will be safe with us. We are following the GDPR Laws and nobody else will be able to access your personal information. When you choose AINOMAM, AINOMAM will take care of you 😉

–          I have a new device. Can my old configurations be transferred to my new device?

Yes, you can! You just need to log in with your AINOMAM PRO account and everything will be like it used to.

–          Can my child use AINOMAM?

Yes, your child can use AINOMAM. But you are the one carrying the responsibility and must be able to have your child under your supervision.

–          I cannot download AINOMAM!

Make sure to download the right AINOMAM for your device. If you are still having problems, try to change the web browser you are using. We highly recommend Chrome for the best performance. 

–          Will I get spam emails?

No, you will not receive spam emails from us. You will only receive emails when we do updates on AINOMAM. Depending if you are AINOMAM free trial user or a PRO user. If you are a PRO user, you will receive the best information from us.

–          My YouTube does not work due to AINOMAM!!!!

Make sure to click on the right side on the AINOMAM and disable kid mode. YouTube will work for you after following these steps.  

–          Can I share AINOMAM plug-in with my friend?

No, you cannot. We highly recommend to our customers they download it and make the registration by themselves. Everyone likes different things for that reason we recommend you having your own AINOMAM.

–          How do uninstall AINOMAM?

Head to start menu > Control Panel. Click on Uninstall AINOMAM program. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will help you!